AFECAM will soon turn 20! This will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a brand new one. The AFECAM Book of Heroes is meant to ensure the memory of our most outstanding members from across these first 20 years is preserved as a point of reference for the next generations.

Every great family needs annals. Can you imagine the names Emmanuel Sina, Chancier Fointama, Desiree Foghang, Ware Grégoire, Yvan Amatagana, Mbaku Bruno, Tabi Enoh, Helen Mugop, and ———- (you fill in the blank) being forgotten by upcoming generations of this family? And with nothing that can tell them the story of the commitment and achievements of those who preceded them?

The AFECAM Book of Heroes will present the profiles of the most outstanding 100-120 members in four major categories:

  • – The Pioneers: those who stand as pillars, who laid the foundations, championed expansion to new places, started and established branches;
  • – The Builders: those who engineered growth for branches, powerfully impacted lives through their commitment to the vision and the excellent use of their gifts;
  • – The Innovators: those who introduced new ways of doing things, creative ideas and projects that have boosted our impact;
  • – The Movers: those who achieved feats outside AFECAM, championed societal causes and projects, conquered their world through excellence and through their ideas, and kept the faith.

The AFECAM Book of Heroes is a worldwide effort for ALL members of this great family. So wherever you are, nominate the most impactful AFECAMITES you’ve ever known by simply entering the person’s full names, the reason for your choice (optional) and then, clicking the Vote button. You can vote for multiple persons, one at a time.