Academy School of Ministry – ASOM


Academy School of Ministry (ASOM) holds every July. It is aimed at developing and empowering members towards a world of unlimited opportunities in life,
profession and ministry.

Academy School of Ministry- AFECAM

Academy School of Ministry- AFECAM

Academy school of Ministry is a forum for career orientation,
socio-economic empowerment and moral development. It’s a platform where young people and students from all State Universities and other institutions of higher learning meet for one week to sharpen themselves for their future.

Through ASOM, we have reached out to more than 10,000 young people and university students in Cameroon.

Through ASOM,

  • Most youths have discovered their purpose in life,
  • Sharpened their leadership skills,
  • Improved their patriotism,
  • Advanced their morality and
  • Improved their economic skills, amongst others.

We are aimed at producing 21 st century purpose-driven, morally potent,
academically excellent, economically viable future patriotic role
model leaders in Cameroon, Africa and the World through
unique strategic sustainable gender-balanced programs and

We also hope to increase our participation and influence
of young people/high school students within mainstream society.

We seek a Cameroon, an Africa and a world where all youths and
  • Contribute to the sustainable, gender-balanced development of
    their community, nation, continent and world.
  • Gain and share valuable skills and morality vital for life and
  • Live healthy lifestyles and mitigate the effect of HIV/AIDS and
    other risk behaviours
  • Enable young people to be creative and open up avenues for
    economic empowerment.
  • Enable young people to fight the various vices that
    characterized youthfulness.

ASOM activities

  1. Leadership empowerment
  2. Gender and community development issues
  3. Nation building and National patrimony
  4. Developing Business proposals and/or marketable small scale projects
  5. Strategic planning and sustainable development
  6. Moral and spiritual empowerment
  7. Sports and national unity
  8. Communication and networking