Vision 2020

Vision 2020

We intend to do more in the next 2 years than we have done in the last 18 years and establish standard content, processes (infrastructure, financial and material) and cultures that will enable the organization (AFECAM) to be more effective in pursuing its vision sustainability across multiple generations.


  • Reach and train 5,000 youths/students.
  • Reach and impact a growing number of people by the power of the Gospel through various routes and media.
  • Improve on vision adoption through ubiquitous vision communication and expression.
  • Improve on vision implementation and impact through an ongoing emphasis on our fourfold goal of strategic evangelism, discipleship, training and release.
  • Establish a culture of excellence and purpose-drivenness.
  • Inculcate the organization’s values in general in our members and design mechanisms to ensure application thereof.
  • Increase impact and visibility by strategically producing and marketing most outstanding talents. Provide tools and training for more effective strategic evangelism.
  • Strengthen our leadership role by carrying out projects that directly impact communities. Launch the AFECAM Foundation.

Training wise

  • Develop standard training materials and ministry packages that will be used organization-wide to promote uniform content and harmony across our branches.
  • Provide more value to our members through targeted, organized, systematized high quality training and follow-up.


  • Establish effective communication and a strong reporting culture.
  • Maintain statistics that will enable us to roughly assess our efficiency and measure our impact at all levels.
  • Establish discipline and firmness in the execution of tasks at all levels.
  • Establish effective administrative processes and procedures.

Financial Material

    • Acquire our own PA, sports and office equipment, as well as other property including ministry vehicles.
    • Engage in income-generating activities that will help fund part of the organization’s activities independently.
    • Raise young millionaires through entrepreneurship.
    • Design and implement scheme to provide material support annually to all our branches.
    • Design and implement scheme to provide material/financial support to our permanent staff and top national and branch leadership.
    • Provide a constant flow of information in order to build awareness and encourage partner involvement.
    • Build new partnerships and partnership strategies.


    • Secure—including own—good academic centers for all our branches.
    • Complete the Konye Project.
    • Complete project to acquire and fully equip the National Secretariat to standards of excellence.
    • Complete project to acquire land and build the international AFECAM headquarters (the Excellence Center).