Leadership Summit

In keeping with AFECAM’s purpose, SUMMIT is the annual
assembly of all leaders and aspiring leaders within AFECAM.
A 3 days event which usually holds in the month of December, SUMMIT is a forum within which students are imbibed with leadership skills, drilled
on the vision of AFECAM and spiritually imparted to meet
challenges of the coming year. During SUMMIT, ongoing
concerns are raised and addressed accordingly during plenary
sessions and discussions.

SUMMIT goals/objectives

  • Elaborate strategies to foster the quantitative and qualitative
    growth of the AFECAM vision.
  • Investigate lapses and shortcomings within AFECAM leadership.
  • Impart spiritual values and strength through fasting, prayer and
    inspirational messages.
  • Encourage and inspire those aspiring to be leaders within and
    without AFECAM
  • Evaluate the financial, spiritual and moral progress of AFECAM
  • Communicate the Vision of AFECAM
  • Leadership empowerment


  • Bring out hidden leadership potentials within young people
    through capacity building
  • Conform the organizational structure of AFECAM to
    contemporary standards that would meet the rapidly changing
    needs and increasing demands of society as a whole;
  • Produce effective, efficient and responsible leaders within

SUMMIT Successes

Through SUMMIT, AFECAM has released leadership potentials in
people whom, based on their experiences, have excelled in their
respective vocations and professions.

Furthermore, leaders of AFECAM have been able to manage the challenges that come with growth and change. The testimony is the constant expansion
of AFECAM to remote areas of Cameroon and the Diaspora