Academy Junior Club (AFECAM0

AFECAM arm- academy junior club Ndop

This the  arm of the ministry which deals with younger ones from form one to upper sixth. The ministry seeks to empower these youths from a very tender age because they are the leaders of tomorrow. As a result, these young ones as young as they are, are encouraged to discover their talents, gifts and start learning about purpose and destiny..


This is the arm of AFECAM empowering those who are in the institutions of higher learning. Basically, this is for the young adults.  AFECAM is found in the universities of the ten regions of Cameroon with some regions having over five branches.

ASOM 2018

ASOM 2018

The Ministry desires to transform the heart of students on university campuses as we continue to witness spiritual and moral bankruptcy.


After the university or higher institution ;levels, most of these young people go out into the harsh reality of the world. The Alumni or the AAA is the professional branch of the Ministry where those in the professional millieu come to empower and encourage themselves.

The meetings are usually empowerment programs where these professionals come to exchange ideas which would benefit them in their various spheres of influence. The ALUMNI also have the annual alumni convention where they meet to strategize on how to take over the seven mountains of influence.