ASOM’19 day 1, morning session

Written by on July 23, 2019


Preacher: Sama Delviny, Assistant to the National President
Theme: Ten Virgins
Text: Mathew 25:1-13

Sama Delviny, ASOM 2019

Sama Delviny

Virginity in this context is a gift we inherit right from birth

You do nothing to become a virgin, but you do everything to remain a virgin till the right time (marriage).
The fact remains; not all of these virgins used their gifts from God.

The Bible says these girls go tired and had to sleep, in fact, they committed no offense in being tired, because it is natural for us all to be tired sometimes.
Many at times, we give up in our relationship with the Father because we are tired (which is ok to be) but what will keep you running is your spiritual extra oil (the grace of God)
The 5 wise virgins who had extra oil did not buy it at the arrival of the groom

Or maybe when they got to the waiting room. They got an extra oil during the day when they had time. Brethren in the Lord, while you still have time, go the extra miles with the Father with all your strength. A time comes when nature will cause you to be tired and sleep off.
The most amazing part of this scripture comes from verse 6, where neither the wise nor the foolish virgins knew when the groom will arrive. How could this be? They were informed with a shout from the unknown! It is the same thing with the coming of the father, no one knows the hour, but like the 5 wise virgins, you need and extra oil to keep you going when your feet may fail.

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