Calendar of Activities

Held every December, it is aimed at developing
leadership skills, training and equipping leaders in their various

Every July, aimed at developing and empowering
members towards a world of unlimited opportunities in life,
profession and ministry.

Held every March/April during the University Games, it is
aimed at presenting the gospel to thousands of students who
converge annually for sports and leisure.

It shall take place at the month of October. It shall serve as a
platform for in-depth evaluation of branches, policies and
procedures, as well as a time for sharing the ministry’s goals
and orientations for the beginning academic year.

This event is organised on the 14th of every month. the ministry and partners are called up to observe a fasting during which they pray and seek God’s face.

31 May 2019


15 Jul 2019

Nkolbisong [Yaounde, CM]Academy School of Ministry (ASOM)

ASOM 2017
05 Oct 2019

Centre Ville [Yaounde]Alumni Convention 2019

Convention 2017