ASOM’19, The Spirit Filled Life , episode 1

Written by on July 24, 2019

The Spirit Filled Life , episode 1
Rev Yvan Amatagana 

Day 1 Morning Encounter


If you want to grow with God, never wait for your flesh. During worship, never wait for your flesh to feel like it. Just start doing it. Let your flesh catch up.

“…i will pray in tongues. I will pray in my understanding also” 1 Cor 14:15. Paul shows us here that we can decide to pray in tongues. We don’t wait till we feel like it.

Exercise yourself spiritually.

When we pray, we store up treasures for ourselves in Heaven. These treasures can sustain us during weak moments. Some people if they stay 2 years without praying, they don’t go dry. Because of their store. Matt 6:19-20

In Revelation we hear of a bowl in Heaven which contains the prayers of the saints. Rev 5:8

Your prayers are stored up in a bowl in Heaven. How much backup do u have stored there? Can it sustain you during down times?

The world is dangerously wicked. More wicked than most Christians realize. Do not underestimate the evil you may face as you travel through life. Store up treasures for yourself. Build yourself in prayer and worship.

You don’t need to feel like it. If you wait until you feel before you do it, you will only be able to demonstrate the power of God when you feel like it.

Did you ever read anywhere in scriptures that worship is emotions?

Emotions follow. They don’t lead.

Worship is not something that your flesh will do naturally.

Forget about emotions and remember this:
Whenever you pray or worship. Train yourself to do it with ALL YOUR HEART.

Let not just your mouth move. Let your heart be there. When you give it all your heart, you reach in 10 minutes where others may only reach on 2 hours.

There is NO WAY you can worship and not change. Because it it impossible to see God and nothing happens.

If you don’t store up treasures for yourself, no one will do it for you.

The number one sign that you’re living after the spirit and not after the flesh is the scarcity of offense in your life.
The second sign is like it, Scarcity of sin in your life.

Manifestation of spiritual gifts don’t tell us anything about a person’s level of spirituality.

John says “He who walks in light does not stumble”

Paul says “Walk in the Spirit, and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh”

Sadly one of the biggest indictments of the church today is sin in the lives of its leaders. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
But fornication, don’t resist. You flee instead.

Fornication is more powerful than the devil.

Before God, all sins are equal. But don’t think like that. To us not all sins are the same. Different sins have different consequences and effects on our Christian Life.

The sin of sexual immorality costs you more than any other sin. Even when grace abounds.

It is impossible to be manifesting the spirit and the flesh at the same time. So at every given point in your life ask yourself, what am I manifesting now? You will always know the answer. If it requires that you change, change.

One hard lesson of the spirit filled life is this:
Do not solve your problems yourself. Don’t defend yourself before people or fight work them. Let go.

If people can’t hurt you and get away with it, then you’ll need to reconsider your relationship with the father

The spirit filled life presents Christ rather than self.

The challenge in every relationship (friendship, marriage, parent-child etc) is when one or both parties are acting carnal. There can’t be problems or fights between two spirit filled people.

Whenever there is strife between two Christians, one or both parties are acting carnal.

Being carnally minded is death. Being spiritually minded is LIFE and PEACE. Romans 8:8

You will only start enjoying life when you embrace the ways of God

Revival that does not transform life is fake.

If people have never thought of you as stupid. If people have never felt like they cheated you, dealt with you and deceived you,Then you’ve never walked in the Spirit.

If you don’t learn to be spiritual now. When life brings with it its evils, you’ll be in trouble.


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